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[#221136] Written by: NumberSix [17/02/15, 19:23]
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Why are these remakes being made when the original is such a high standard? Read the bloody
subtitles people.
America does make very good, original drama so why not stick with that.
[#221165] Written by: JeanLucPicard [19/02/15, 07:43]
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Quote by NumberSix
America does make very good, original drama so why not stick with that.

Cause 'murica bro

[#221212] Written by: ockraz [21/02/15, 02:57]
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Quote by JeanLucPicard
Cause 'murica bro

Seriously? That's a really pompous anti-American sentiment.

Plus it's not particularly accurate. Non-English speaking countries remake American source material
too. People just lack awareness of it because a) it's not an inexpensive proposition and so is done
sparingly b) the same pseudo-elitists who put down American popular culture just don't bother
acknowledging the existence of inferior European, Asian & Russian copies of our entertainment.

I'm going off on a tangent here, but this is a pet peeve of mine. Let's speak plainly: the use of
the 'Muricans meme is really about disdain for half of America. It's basically a way for folks to
use humor to be condescending (and often prejudiced) against the culture of more rural red state
America - as if somehow NASCAR, high school football, hunting, Piggly Wiggly, Harley's, Blue Bloods, The
Middle, NCIS, Person of Interest, Bob Seger, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, and regarding
patriotism and piety as virtues are inherently ignorant and worthy of derision, while F1, FIFA,
tennis, Trader Joe's, Priuses, Scandal, Glee, The Newsroom, Homeland, Jay-Z, Lorde, Lady
Gaga, global cosmopolitanism and secular relativism are sophisticated and laudable.

I've spent pretty much my whole life shuttling between bastions of these opposing cultures. Half the
differences are matters of taste and half principled disagreements over fundamental values.
Pretending that one side is objectively superior is just self-deluding twaddle.

Quote by NumberSix
Why are these remakes being made when the original is such a high standard? Read
the bloody
subtitles people. America does make very good, original drama so why not stick with that.

People are lazy all over the world. Plus, a local setting and familiar rather than 'foreign'
cultural and political references does make it easier for most viewers to identify quickly with the
protagonists (which was after all the the only reason to make a British version of Law & Order).
[#221254] Written by: scudsy [23/02/15, 00:29]
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Well despite the need for such negativity among the natives, I'll give it a go. If not Vikings has just started up and that is a
[#221271] Written by: Aikousha [23/02/15, 18:26]
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Well, I for one, who have lived in four nations, could care less about the cultural diff's, since
the similarities are more prolific, including the horrible xenophobia (I think I mentioned that
before), and it's crap like that, and massively prolific retardedness (that's the proper use,
referring to those with intelligence who voluntarily abandon it).
In general, remakes of any materials are substandard. But there have been many exceptions. For Les
Revenants, all of them have been fairly horrible. I'm still waiting for the original to continue.
Like the others, I'll give this new one a chance, just in case, but American TV handles brutality
better than ethereal creepiness, so I'm not hopeful... but you never know.

As to some of the comments made, American TV is exported, unchanged, in frightening quantity, and to
a lesser extent, edited. And if one has watched a lot of other TV, the main reason is that the
money we sink into it, usually produces slicker visuals and often better writing... a function of
the "machine," which is thankfully getting better AND getting diverse, as variations of that machine
are taking root in other cultures and locations.

As long as the variation is there, and in some form, self-regulates... even if I don't like the
output, I can't complain (sometimes have to fight not to). I'm getting entertainment I can pick and
choose from, and at a very reasonable cost. :-P
[#485926] Written by: tontin [22/04/17, 11:08]
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