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[#486117] Written by: RobPres [01/06/17, 19:19]
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A couple of ideas for the site

---1--- If series has more dl links than on current page have a page 2 option
(I.E once upon a time has only to S5E1 on series page but if you add to 'my shows' you can see all that haven't been watched
which has back to S1E1)

---2--- as you can already set a show to watched, the idea is to be able to set it to unwatched
(as i accidentally clicked on the all button above the watched eye i meant to click on and set all my shows to watched all
episodes )

A series i would like on here is 'Miraculous Ladybug'
[#486229] Written by: trunkmasta [13/06/17, 19:07]
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A related show section for people to easier find new content they were likely to enjoy
[#486230] Written by: trunkmasta [14/06/17, 02:58]
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One additional thought, it isn't quite show info but could and should be listed there - a magnet containing the full
season for shows once it's available in it's entirety.

Thanks novaking and everyone else making eztv possible
[#486249] Written by: phaiz [16/06/17, 19:44]
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please upload new episodes of good witch pleaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[#486357] Written by: MechSci [21/06/17, 04:33]
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All new Josh Gates' Destination truth -

It started on travel channel back in may, but sadly I cannot find any downloads for it anywhere. It
would be great if someone could add that on here.
[#486391] Written by: ersatzreifen [24/06/17, 05:02]
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I don know what you don't want, but I do know what change I like to see: On the "My Shows" page I
can click on those radio buttons one at a time to slowly and painfully set them as 'watched', and
have to wait for the page to reload again before I can click on any other.

I'd like to see this changed to check boxes, that way I can go through a list and check off the
shows and groups I want to set to 'watched', then just click once on a single button to have all the
checked ones set to 'watched'.

Now THAT would be a great time saver for me, and would be a great bandwidth usage reduction for you
since I can select anywhere from one or two, to as many as 50 or more hand-picked shows and/or
entire series to 'watched' resulting in only ONE page reload instead of FIFTY or more page reloads.

Wouldn't that save us users time, and reduce the loading on your server? I would think so.
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