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[#486117] Written by: RobPres [01/06/17, 19:19]
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A couple of ideas for the site

---1--- If series has more dl links than on current page have a page 2 option
(I.E once upon a time has only to S5E1 on series page but if you add to 'my shows' you can see all that haven't been watched
which has back to S1E1)

---2--- as you can already set a show to watched, the idea is to be able to set it to unwatched
(as i accidentally clicked on the all button above the watched eye i meant to click on and set all my shows to watched all
episodes )

A series i would like on here is 'Miraculous Ladybug'
[#486229] Written by: trunkmasta [13/06/17, 19:07]
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A related show section for people to easier find new content they were likely to enjoy
[#486230] Written by: trunkmasta [14/06/17, 02:58]
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One additional thought, it isn't quite show info but could and should be listed there - a magnet containing the full
season for shows once it's available in it's entirety.

Thanks novaking and everyone else making eztv possible
[#486249] Written by: phaiz [16/06/17, 19:44]
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please upload new episodes of good witch pleaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[#486357] Written by: MechSci [21/06/17, 04:33]
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All new Josh Gates' Destination truth -

It started on travel channel back in may, but sadly I cannot find any downloads for it anywhere. It
would be great if someone could add that on here.
[#486391] Written by: ersatzreifen [24/06/17, 05:02]
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I don know what you don't want, but I do know what change I like to see: On the "My Shows" page I
can click on those radio buttons one at a time to slowly and painfully set them as 'watched', and
have to wait for the page to reload again before I can click on any other.

I'd like to see this changed to check boxes, that way I can go through a list and check off the
shows and groups I want to set to 'watched', then just click once on a single button to have all the
checked ones set to 'watched'.

Now THAT would be a great time saver for me, and would be a great bandwidth usage reduction for you
since I can select anywhere from one or two, to as many as 50 or more hand-picked shows and/or
entire series to 'watched' resulting in only ONE page reload instead of FIFTY or more page reloads.

Wouldn't that save us users time, and reduce the loading on your server? I would think so.
[#486394] Written by: Duikerkie [26/06/17, 04:46]
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Good day from South Africa.

Any reason why there are no new uploads available for almost 2 days now?

Keep up the good work!
[#486610] Written by: corrie [16/07/17, 04:07]
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posts missing!! e.g. the new TwinPeaks ep 8???
[#486627] Written by: edwinjamesjohn [17/07/17, 09:52]
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When downloading EZ-TV supply an icon to put on desktop.
[#486874] Written by: iamskyiamsky [09/08/17, 01:27]
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Recently I have used your site less and less due to you forcing multiple pages to open in the
background when I click any link in your site or even the background !!!!!!! I don't get multiple
pages when I click on a torrent link in other websites !!!!!

I am sick to death of BULLSHIT messages about Windows and how I have to call some Microsoft thieving
dogs ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID LINKS !!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it, I am sick of your trickster links.

Every time I click a link on your site I get 2 or more NEW PAGES OPEN UP IN THE BACKGROUND like

Why do you do that to us ?????????????????????

do you get a penny every time you force a page to open at some torrent website ??? are you so
cheapskate that this is how you earn a few pennies ?????? GOOD GRIEF ...

Instead of using your website to open torrent links, I use your website to SEE what is available.
Then I use a neat little program called Bit.Che which searches all the torrent websites for the
show I want. Then I find the link with the most SEEDERS and download that torrent. Some of those
links are from your website but by using Bit.Che I avoid your trickster links and the pain in the
arse of knowing that I have to close those spy pages before they affect my computer

I am so disappointed with the way you force pages to open in my browser WITHOUT MY CONSENT that I
joined your site especially just to leave this message.

What do you intend to do about your trickster links that open UNWANTED PAGES IN THE BACKGROUND THAT
[#486911] Written by: kshogi [10/08/17, 05:19]
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Please bring back the "Previous Page" and "Next Page" links at the bottom of the home page etc. I really miss them. After
checking all the listed torrents on the page, I have to scroll all the way back up to get to the Next Page link... Loving the rest
of it though, thanks guys
[#486912] Written by: LIZZARD-LOUNGE [10/08/17, 06:14]
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TOO start off NOVAKING thang you so much with what you do as i know it must be hard to keep up with
all the problems that come on here with everyone .i have enough problems withe radio staff. SO well
done when you get a chance msg me i have an idea dont know if it would work here on this great psp

thanx again
[#487022] Written by: deburr [17/08/17, 14:21]
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Does anybody have the entire first season of "The Cul De Sac?" the NZ series about disappeared adults and other strangeness?
I got the first episode, and "found" other episodes on another site, but none of them are being seeded. I've had episode 2 stuck
at 99.5% for a few days. Thanks for reading.
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